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With the mission to improve women’s life, Elvie takes a technological approach in creating products that bring women out of the dark ages. It was founded in 2013 by founder Tania Boler and co-founder Alexander Asseily. Believing that there are not many products that bring convenient solutions to women’s problems, they took it upon themselves to fulfill the task. Together, they established a global hub of connected health and lifestyle products developed scientifically by engineers and designers for women.

Intended mainly for new and expectant mothers, Elvie Pump takes the experience of nursing to a whole new level. Many women had to give up breastfeeding due to its impracticalities, especially when returning to work. Then came the Elvie Pump, a wonder product, designed to fit seamlessly into your modern life. The Elvie is a hands-free, wearable breast pump that fits your breasts directly and allows you to pump anywhere with no bulky materials. The wireless and tube-free breast pump is the world’s first silent and most convenient breast pump, allowing you to go about your daily routine while you pump.

It is shaped like a breast and fits comfortably inside your bra. There are five pieces for each side, which easily fit together. To get started, you will need to assemble the pump and place it directly against your breast. It even doesn’t take much room in your purse when you need to carry it while traveling. Much hassle-free, right? Be free to wear it while walking because, with Elvie Pump, it is easy to forget you’re pumping in the first place. Shop this wonder product at less than the actual price with Elvie coupon.

Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable with Elvie Coupon

Nursing is a very special experience of your life, one that you should enjoy every minute of. However, with the lack of proper products and technology, the experience often becomes miserable. With a high level of innovation, Elvie has become an asset to many working women. The design will catch your attention at a single glance. Moreover, it is effortless to set up and connect effortlessly to your smartphone. The app allows you to adjust the settings, monitor milk volume in quick time, and track pumping history for each breast.

The game-changer aspect of the pump is that it’s hands-free, great for all the working women who haven’t got much time on their hands to hide away and do the pumping. It takes approximately two hours to charge fully, providing you with around two and a half hours of power. Be it in a car or via laptop- the USB charging cable makes it super flexible to charge on the go. Take advantage of the Elvie promo code and save on this life-changing product this instant!

Be happy to know that the company has more products to offer you. Try out the Elvie Trainer, an award-winning kegal trainer for a stronger pelvic floor. You have the choice to either lie-down or stand with your feet hip-width apart to get started. It comes with an app and is Bluetooth connected. The app will allow you to track your progress and see how hard or soft you are flexing your internal muscles.

Elvie trainer is very small, smooth, and comfortable. It comes with an optional cover for customize sizing and is designed to fit all kinds of bodies.

You will also discover accessories like bra adjusters, Elvie Pump breast shields, pump bottles, and more at the website. Never compromise on your health and buy these life-saving products at discounted rates with the help of Elvie coupon.

5 Top FAQ's about Elvie Promo Code

How can I use the Elvie promo code?

1. Click on a deal, and you will be directed to Elvie.com. 2. Add the items you would like to purchase in the cart and head to the checkout. 3. Enter your promo code in the field provided for promotion codes and hit “Apply.”

Can I return my Elvie pump?

As Elvie pump is an intimate product, the company does not accept returns.

Is Elvie covered by insurance?

Elvie Pump may be partially covered by insurance. The company works with DME suppliers Aeroflow Breastpumps, Breastpumps.com, and MilkMoms, who partners with various insurance providers to offer Elvie Pump via their plan.

How long does Elvie Pump need charging for?

Elvie Pump takes approximately two hours to charge fully, and the charge lasts for about two and a half hours.

Why is my Elvie Pump not turning on?

Make sure that you have unplugged Elvie Pump as it won’t turn on when connected to the charger.


About Elvie Promo Code

Taking control of your health has never been this easy and fun with the future of women’s technology developed by Elvie. The online hub is the new favorite place for all the moms-to-be in town! Get your Elvie Pump and enjoy pumping from this moment. Before you hit the “purchase” button, grab the Elvie promo code from this page and save big on your purchases.

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