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What Is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly is one of the fastest-growing meal kit subscription service. It has weekly meal plans that you pick and choose from. It will deliver you 4 to 5 meals per week depending on your weekly plan. It is half the price when compared with other meal kit services. The Dinnerly meals are very affordable as they will cost you $5 a meal. Get some delicious meal plans delivered to you for dinner today and use the Dinnerly coupon code to get a discounted price. 

Try out Some New and Existing Dinner Recipes with Dinnerly! Don’t Forget to Use the Dinnerly Discount Code.  

Dinnerly is an excellent meal kit service that brings some of the best ingredients to you. Their recipes are simple and super-fast to cook.

Dinnerly is budget and earth friendly!

You can easily switch up your meal plans, ingredients and even cancel orders.

Download the app to view the recipes or just print them out. 

Delicious meal plans delivered to you that are very easy to prepare and will fill you up.

Use the Dinnerly promo code and get discounts on your meal plans!

Easy and Simple Recipes! Save Money with Delivery and Avoid the Hassle of Going Grocery Shopping. 

Dinnerly aims to bring you the most delicious dishes with fresh ingredients each week. Avoid the stressful meal prepping and cook simple decisions that you can handpick online. 

Just subscribe online, Dinnerly will send out a box full of ingredients to your doorstep and then you just have to cook some simple dishes. All of this for just $5 a meal kit.

It is fun, creative and simple!

Make all your favorite dishes like burgers, pasta, salads, roasted chicken and more.

Get discounts on your subscription and meal plans by using the Dinnerly promotional code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.Does Dinnerly Offer Free Shipping?

Dinnerly does not have free shipping. The delivery charges are $8.99. Use the Dinnerly discount code to save money.

Q2.Can You Change Your Subscription?

Yes, Dinnerly has a flexible subscription for your comfort. You can skip weeks, pause and even cancel your subscription whenever you want. Change your plans and customize it according to your own needs. Get the subscription at a discounted price by using the Dinnerly promo code.

Q3.Does Dinnerly Also Provides Breakfast and Lunch Meal Kits?

Unfortunately, it does not provide those meal kits right now but it might do that in the future. 

Q4.How Can You Stay Updated Regarding Dinnerly Deals?

Download the free mobile app or sign up for the Dinnerly newsletter. You will be notified regarding new additions to the menus, ingredients and get exclusive Dinnerly coupons.


About Dinnerly

Dinnerly brings recipes and ingredients to your door for unfussy, affordable weeknight meals. It is the first subscription meal kit service to offer $5/serving meals, delivering simple recipes and fresh ingredients for unfussy, affordable weeknight cooking.

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